Friday, July 25, 2014

Waikato Times letter of the week #51

From the 24 July edition. Spelling, grammar, punctuation and the non-sequitur at the end are all exactly as published: 
Need for tolerance
Marian Clarke letter (July 23) highlights the single greatest handicap of religions that evolved from the Jewish faith: a lack of tolereance. Most of the current world conflict stems from the notions that “I and my beliefs are right”. The collective millions of unique concepts of God arriving at first one mind muddled notion of him that lasted a nano second then shattered into thousands of different Christian sects, each with specific different ideas, should send a simple message that all concepts of God are individual realities that exist only in the homo sapien mind. All reality is in existence for individuals living. Once dead all reality for that individual is as zero. Anglicans Catholics Jews and Islam need to stop fighting and put tolerance number one. Israel and Palestine could then stop being the proving ground for capitalistic greed for arms-testing. 

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