Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Burning question of the day: Dusty Springfield edition

The Mancunian-Canadian Carole Pope – “an icon of transgressive music” who is a “singer songwriter, agent provocateur pushing the boundaries of sexuality, sexual politics and the status quo” –  asks:
When did it all go wrong?
When did it all go so Francis Bacon?
The fans at Dusty Springfield fansite Let’s Talk Dusty! are puzzled by the Bacon reference in this song, from Pope’s EP Music for Lesbians, which seems to be about Dusty Springfield. Ms Pope was for a time close to Dusty. The EP also features a song called “Vagina Wolf”.

I may be wrong (it happens) but I believe that the Francis Bacon/Dusty Springfield connection was first “referenced” right here at QUQ, which explains the extraordinary number of visitors the blog has had recently from baffled fans at Let’s Talk Dusty!, seeking an answer.


Paul said...

Perhaps it is not a reference to the artist, but to refrigeration's martyr, the first Viscount St. Alban.

Stephen Stratford said...

To whom Dunedin owes a lot. But I'm pretty sure Ms Pope is referring to the later Francis Bacon, our poet friend Kevin's former drinking companion. All together now: "Champagne for my real friends, real pain for my sham friends!"