Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Subtitling the Australians

On Monday the Waikato Times ran an expanded version of this Fairfax story about two of our Commonwealth Games athletes having a niggle. In the 5000m Nick Wills inadvertently tripped Jake Robertson who, let’s say, expressed his disappointment. All’s well that ends well:
Asked if he and Robertson had spoken, Willis said: “I gave him a hug and kiss after the race when he congratulated me on my medal just now, that’s all we’ve talked about.”

The WaikTimes expanded remix includes a quote from Athletics New Zealand’s Australian-born high-performance coach Scott Goodman:
“I will do whatever I can to help them. They can be the real duck’s guts [Australian term for brilliant].”

So it has come to this: subtitles for Australians.  

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