Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A cry for help from Sebastian Faulks

In his Spectator Diary of 14 February, novelist Sebastian Faulks, author of Birdsong and Charlotte Gray, writes:
When I last had a job, I spent all the time longing to be released from it so I would have time to write books. My wish was granted in 1991. I have now spent almost a quarter of a century alone in a garret staring at a blank wall and I think it has driven me a bit mad. I’ve done my stint. I need to have a job again now. I want colleagues, gossip, promotions, lunches and a PAYE packet in a grey windowed envelope, with tax and National Insurance deductions already made. So that’s my resolution for this year: find a job. I can still write books at night and at the weekend, as I did in the early days. So if anyone has something for a chronically unemployed middle-aged non-smoker with no qualifications at all, here I am.

Faulks is now on Twitter, “to the disdain of my smarter friends and the horror of my children”. Follow him at @sebastianfaulks: prepare to be amused.

2 comments: said...

First he will need a CV, something I doubt he has given much attention to recently. Then he will need to pretend he is 18 again, and convince potential employers he can still take orders even if they are ludicrous. That will require switching off his creative energy and applying a strong banal flavour to his thinking. Fat chance if he the same person who wrote Birdsong.

Paddy said...

Oh, please don't give him a job. I love his books so much I
can't wait while he writes between colleagues and coffees. Keep him in that garret!