Friday, February 6, 2015

Holiday in Berlin

Creative New Zealand is calling for applications for the $40,000 Berlin Fellowship, Closing date is 6 March. Full details here.

The skinny: it is for an established writer to work on an “approved project” in Berlin between November 2015 and September 2016, and the $40k covers travel, a monthly stipend and accommodation: 
A one-bedroom, 60sqm apartment in the district of Friedrichshain in former East Berlin, which has a reputation as a lively and dynamic district. The Creative New Zealand apartment is close to the last standing section of the Berlin wall. The apartment can accommodate a partner but is not suitable for additional family members.

Everyone I know who had the fellowship loved being in Berlin. The only possible drawback is that at least three of them had a long-term relationship breakup while there.

So here, from his 1970 album Burnt Weenie Sandwich, is Frank Zappa with “Holiday in Berlin” (the score is here):

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Stephanie said...

And one of them stayed on in Berlin and lives there still.