Thursday, February 5, 2015

Andrew Fagan, shearer

The former singer in the 80s band the Mockers, Andrew Fagan  is a multi-talented chap: he is a poet (four collections, I think), children’s author, long-distance sailor (he circumnavigated New Zealand solo, and sailed solo across the Tasman), toy manufacturer and night-time talkback host on Radio Live with his wife, Karyn Hay.

The teaser at top right on the front page of today’s Waikato Times, “Andrew Fagan: Time to hang up the shears”, hints at a hitherto unknown skill: shearing. But sadly, the story on page 3 is about retiring shearer David Fagan. Oops.


Sandra said...

Good grief. David Fagan is one of our best athletes - ever. And the Waikato Times is his "local" daily. Sad.

For Sale Oil CBD said...

This Man deserves a Knighthood. I am a fan.

Great data for Kent Auto Repair Information said...

He's going to be one of the great ones to leave the shearing industry, so someone's got to take it on.