Thursday, April 23, 2009

Climate Change Consensus Change

Alex Tabaroff recalls a post of his on Marginal Revolution from 20 October 2003. In it he describes taking his children to see the dinosaurs in the Smithsonian Institution the day before, and coming across an exhibit on the ice age that included this statement:
Initiation of glacial conditions may be triggered by surprisingly rapid climate changes. Therefore, the minor global cooling trend of recent decades. . . is being carefully watched and studied. Already the effects on food production are severe in many parts of the world.. . . We are now in a relatively warm period (“interglacial”) following one of several major glacial periods. It is not certain when the present interglacial period will end but. . . imagine the impact of another full scale glacial advance like that just a few thousand years ago!
He comments that “the ‘scientific consensus’ on global climate change has been much more variable than the climate”.


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