Thursday, April 30, 2009

Poetry Month

Home Paddock regularly posts poems – I do hope she has copyright clearance for them – and her latest points out that April is Poetry Month, which I didn’t know. There has been no sign of it here in Waipa. But as this is the last day of April and thus the last reason to post a poem, here is the only one I know by heart. It is by Denis Glover. I can’t remember the title, and can’t find my Glover Collected Poems, but it goes like this (punctuation probably inaccurate):
I’m an odd fish
A no-hoper
Among men, a snapper
Among women, a groper.
Come to think of it, I can remember another one by heart. It is by my old friend (and old law lecturer) Bernard Brown from his recent collection Sensible Sinning:
There was an old cove from Waipu
Whose limericks all stopped at line two.

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Anonymous said...

it's only poetry month in america innit