Tuesday, November 22, 2011

That’s me in the spotlight

Since my 1970s debut in the national media, fully frontal naked in Marcia Russell’s great Thursday magazine, I have appeared in the Listener, Metro, the Herald and other newspapers, not to mention the Samoa Observer. For a few heady years I was a regular on national TV’s Good Morning and 5.30 with Jude. In England I have contributed to the Spectator, Private Eye and the Economist. I have been photographed by Jane Ussher and, for a magazine cover, by Bruce Connew. Heady stuff. And yet, and yet... 

I was not satisfied. I felt a failure. The Great Prize of New Zealand Media Fame always eluded me.

Until now.

Yes, at last I have made it into Little Treasures. The reporter and photographer were unaccountably more interested in my wife and our children, Seven and Nine, but still, I’ll take the points on offer. 

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