Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Waikato Times letter of the month

This is from the 19 June edition:
Navigation claims
Maori over the past few years have decided to celebrate Punga/Matariki (Orion/Pleidaes constellation). The North American Indians were the people that were connected to this star constellation, also the Celtic people. Maori are claiming that they navigated by these stars. 
Maori never navigated here, they were brought here as slaves, males only, no women, by Admiral Zheng. He was a Chinese pirate/trader who abandoned them on the shore. How could slaves ever know anything about navigation? This was taught to them from the people that were living here while at the same time teaching them their culture, that they are using today, part of which is star navigation. 


dakvid said...

Dear Sir

I write in regards to the letter pages of 19 June, specifically the letter purported to be from Ian Brougham.

Ian was a precocious child and by the age of four had taken the life of five other children, eating parts of two of them. For the safety of the community he was imprisoned in a coffin sized box lined with lead nails. He remained in this location until escaping at the age of 22 by chewing through the nails and wood.

The term of his imprisonment means that he never learned to read or write so the letter is clearly a fabrication.

Yours etc
Brian Ougham

Stephen Stratford said...

Thank you, Brian. That is an alarming story but actually makes sense in light of Mr Brougham's career in politics. I don't know how to do links in the comments so shall update on the front page with details of his record. He has, shall we say, form.

Matthew Dentith said...

Well, that certainly mixes so many revisionist histories in one letter that I'm quite perplexed as to how to parse it, let alone respond to it.

Stephen Stratford said...

Indeed, Matthew. I haven't got around to updating this with Mr Brougham's details but it will not surprise you that he stood for NZ First in Whanganui. In his case, I guess that would have been Wanganui.

Josh Drummond said...

Males only.

It is good to see the fact that Maori only reproduce asexually finally unveiled by brave letter-writers. This fact has been shamefully ignored by the Mainstream Media, and I expect it should now receive the attention it deserves, thanks to the efforts of the erstwhile Mr Ian Brougham.

Stephen Stratford said...

Yes, males only, Josh. But I think the implication is that they bred with the Celts. Also that they were Maori before they got here, which is a new thought. Also that a pirate would have slaves. Also that he would drop them off despite their value to him. Also that... well, you'd go mad, wouldn't you, thinking about this too much. So let's not.