Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Waikato Times letter of the week

This is from the 25 June edition:
Too much of everything
We are reaping the rewards of prosperity and the fruits of our successes. Drinking, drugs, family breakups to name some of the many problems besetting our lifestyle. Which only goes to prove that “money is the root of many of today’s problems”. A lifestyle full of today’s problems, cars, mobile phones, laptops etc, a sure sign that we have got it all wrong like the history books of Rome. Too much of everything.
The stresses and strains of modern living, with a pill for everything, and we are living longer. Too much affluence and money that has never been so readily accessible from banks and financial institutions etc. It’s prosperity at a cost. And what a cost! The family unit is under so many strains. Schools, hospitals, banks take the brunt of it and we just seem to be busier than any time in living memory.
The downward slide just keeps on getting worse. Prosperity: but what a price to pay for the western world. For Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Italy they have severe financial problems. Then we have the world credit card boom. Plastic money availability makes sure we keep on living beyond our means.
Then the government is trying to encourage people to save for their retirement. What a mission! A trend which is frankly inconsistent with today’s standards of living and mindset.
So here is the great Australian band the Church covering a George Harrison song from the Yellow Submarine soundtrack:

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