Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Aisle have what she’s having

Mark Hagen, executive producer of Top Of The Pops 2, interviews Bruce Springsteen in the Observer of 18 January about the new album Working on a Dream, but they end up talking about the sexual subtext of supermarkets:
BS They opened up this big, beautiful supermarket near where we lived. Patti and I would go down, and I remember walking through the aisles – I hadn’t been in one in a while – and I thought his place is spectacular. This place is. . . it’s a fantasy land! And then I started to get into it. I started looking around and hmmm – the subtext in here is so heavy! It’s like, ‘Do people really want to shop in this store or do they just want to screw on the floor?’ [laughs]
MH Sometimes it’s about buying groceries, you know. . .
BS But maybe. . . [laughs] maybe there’s this other thing going on. In the States they’re sort of shameless, the bounty in them is overflowing. So the sexual subtext in the supermarket; well, perhaps, it’s just twisted me.
MH It must be really hard to go shopping with you.
BS I’m telling you, it’s there! So I came home, said: ‘Wow, the supermarket is fantastic, it’s my new favourite place. And I’m going to write a song about it!’
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Anonymous said...

Have sent this to friends who design supermarkets - he's either picked something they're missing, or else have intended all along.