Thursday, January 29, 2009

Flag it

Cactus Kate writes, the way she does:
As we predicted when Big Daddy Key gave the children the option to play nicely, and get a reward, Maori have failed.
If ever a better story was needed to describe the hopelessness of modern Maori leadership, then this has to take the proverbial cake. You just couldn’t have written a funnier script.
After years of wanting their flag raised, Maori can’t actually decide among themselves what flag to fly. So now no one gets the lollies and they all go hungry.
I suggest we fly the flag of KFC up there instead. It symbolises how Maori leadership have become big, fat, slothful, greasy deep-fried chickens:
Yesterday, Dr Sharples said he didn't have the time or resources between now and February 6 to complete the consultation, which was complicated by factions within Maoridom who individually supported the tino rangatiratanga flag, the 1835 flag and something new being flown.
Hamish Keith plumps (sorry, don’t have the link to his piece in the Listener) for the 1835 flag. I like the Tino Rangatiratanga flag, whatever it means, just as a design:

And also the Hundertwasswer flag:

Both are intensely New Zealandy and couldn't possibly come from anywhere else. Either would be an improvement on the current model with that awful Union Jack. But who wants to sit through a series of huis to decide?

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