Friday, January 23, 2009

I suppose a Ralston is out of the question

I really can’t see this term catching on, can you? It isn’t online until 7 February, but here is part of Bill Ralston’s “Life” column in the 24 January issue of the Listener, headed “Well, blow me down”:
I did a column shortly before Christmas suggesting what men really would prefer as a present. I won’t repeat the words used but the gift suggested involves a particular languid form of sex and a lie-in.
This did provoke a few horrified letters and emails from folk who obviously rate a certain act as an abomination and would never put anything icky near their mouths. I apologise for injuring their sensibilities.
However, it also produced several other grateful notes from men thanking me for the suggestion and saying they also enjoyed the lie-in. Perhaps the most alarming reaction was when, in the street, I ran into a nice woman trailing a couple of children who also thanked me profusely for the tip. She winked and said it has definitely added something to her marriage. She and her husband now quietly refer to it as a “Ralston”.

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