Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Font of knowledge

Hey, an international typographic conference! In Wellington! Break out the Bembo!

TypeSHED11, which will run 11-15 February in Shed 11, is organised by Typevents Italy and Wellington designer Catherine Griffiths, who says:
TypeSHED11’s aim is to raise awareness of typography’s role – socially, politically and culturally. It provides a framework for content, where typography is the thread, leaving ground for practitioners, students, academics and theorists to take hold, and use this as a forum to tease out ideas and critical thought, and to participate in rigorous debate and dialogue.
Speakers include New York’s Christian Schwartz, one of the world’s most influential contemporary type designers; Melbourne typographer Stephen Banham, described by Eye magazine as a “typographic evangelist”; Japan’s Masayoshi Kodaira, recognised for pushing into three dimensions with his large-scale typographic installations; and influential Amsterdam trio Experimental Jetset, who starred in the film Helvetica and whose work was recently acquired by MoMA.

Register for the conference here.

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