Monday, June 22, 2009

Finlay Macdonald on Larry Baldock

In yesterday’s Sunday Star-Times columnist Finlay Macdonald sets out his thoughts on the citizen-initiated forthcoming referendum on smacking – yes, yes, we’re all against that – and its incompetent wording, courtesy of petition organiser Larry Baldock, who amazingly is a former Hare Krishna:
The only useful function of the referendum question is to provide a clue to the mindset that drafted it – subjective, vague, smug and reeking of unexamined, small-minded certainty.
Subjective? Check. Vague? Check. Smug? Check. Reeking of unexamined, small-minded certainty? Check. So why hasn’t Baldock been hired as a Sunday Star-Times columnist alongside Macdonald, Michael Laws and Rosemary McLeod?

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Anonymous said...

Spot on. McDonald's writing does tend to summarise his own qualities: subjective, vague, smug and, especially, reeking of small-minded certainty.