Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Waikato Times letter of the month #2

As mentioned earlier, the Waikato Times is a fine newspaper – winner of Best Daily in this year’s Qantas Awards – with some dotty correspondents. Here is TG Brown of Te Kauwhata in yesterday’s issue, writing about – well, I’m not sure. Evolution, climate change, black helicopters full of men in blue helmets:
Tree singing ilk
None are so arrogantly ignorant as the tree swinging ilk of evolutionism and their sinister missing link of climate change that they try to shackle into our cherished liberty and freedoms.
These same paupers of mind would have accepted Marx, or Hitler with his super race answer to planet Earth’s evolution for a 1000 year bliss with all in Utopia.
It was Christianity that motivated men like Winston Churchill to rally Western nations under the Magna Carta to vigorously confront a defeat, for our cherished liberty and freedom.
This is a freedom that is sadly waning under our cowardly attitudes to not confronting the political correctness of international socialists behind the pagan United Nations and their hoax of climate change for social engineering.
Christians know when a trinity of insurmountable impending problems emerge:
• The Middle East.
• An attempt at world government.
• Financial catastrophe.
An impossible number of Ian McKissack’s missing links (Waikato Times, May 22) won’t solve mankind’s spiritual problems, only the intervention of the Divine.
The Ian McKissack to whom he refers is another regular contributor to this delightful series. Whoever the letters editor is must love his job so much. But imagine what the letters they don’t publish must be like.

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