Monday, June 22, 2009

Richard Worth sentence of the day

Deborah Hill Cone in the Herald:
I now wonder whether Worth’s crime wasn’t sleaziness; it was his dark blue blazer with brass buttons.
As she goes on to say, “It exemplified everything John Key’s National Party is trying to get away from: old boys’ club, patrician, born to rule, traditionally Conservative with a capital C.” Exactly. She writes about meeting Worth for lunch and liking him. Dim-Post, hardly a Nat cheerleader, met him once and quite liked him:
. . . he seemed like a pretty decent guy. A lot of the time when I’m introduced to an MP they quickly realise that I’m nobody of consequence and their eyes desperately scan the room to find someone more profitable to talk to, so I always appreciate it when they do take a minute or so to stop and chat, which is what Worth did. So while it might turn out that Worth secretly drowns Golden Retrievers or lost $2 billion dollars of crown funds at a casino in Macau, at least he’s nice enough to the little people.
Speaking of little people, even I once met Worth over lunch, at the Mai Thai, had the same reception and quite liked him. I don’t know what Worth as charged did or didn’t do – the txts as published don’t amount to much – but yes, that blazer with brass buttons he was wearing was a criminal offence.

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