Thursday, June 10, 2010

All hail Cactus Kate, Queen Blogger!

Yes, the spiky one has won the inaugural Air New Zealand (not really) Best Blog Award. And rightly so.

The announcement says:
The Dim Post was runner up and No Right Turn and Whaleoil were awarded joint third place.

Blogs to be shortlisted by at least one judge were: Hot Topic; In A Strange Land ; Kiwianarama; Liberation; and Not PC.

The union launched the awards after another media awards competition, sponsored by a foreign budget airline that uses decrepit Boeing 767s for its Trans-Tasman services and doesn’t even have proper lie-flat beds in Business Class, failed to follow its own criteria in selecting its short list.

More than 30 entries were received by the deadline while all other top 20 blogs in New Zealand, as measured on the authoritative Tumeke! blog ranking index were given wild card entries.
The full report is here. Weird that David Farrar doesn’t feature, nor Public Address, but I assume that’s because the impartial judges considered that Farrar is no longer right enough and that Brown is, frankly, left.

I haven’t read it all yet as most of it is barking (apart from Bomber Bradbury on Cactus Kate: “her critique of NZX is the sort of intelligent investigative journalism Metro would be printing if they weren't so shit now”, which is bang-on) but I have read this bit many, many times:
Quote Unquote
Comments: Informed writer and an informative blog. The literary topics were generally accessible (to this non-literary reader) and the writing crisp.


Cactus Kate said...

Thanks Stephen,

I remain grateful that writers like yourself don't put all your creative energies into blogging ;)

Stephen Stratford said...

Why, thank you. Too kind.