Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A friend of Dorothy, from Malawi

In an update of the story about the gay Malawian couple who were given a 14-year prison sentence but happily were pardoned late last month after an intervention by UN secretary-General Ban Ki Moon, Malawi’s Nyasa Times reports:
Steven Monjeza has dumped Tiwonge Chimbalanga –Aunt Tiwo – who he engaged in the first Malawi gay ceremony that earned them a 14 years imprisonment for homosexuality.

They were pardoned by President Bingu wa Mutharika after conceding international pressure.

But according to The Nation newspaper, Malawi’s authoritative daily; Monjeza has found a woman, Dorothy Gulo, 24, to marry and claims he was forced into the ‘gay drama’.

The man has said he will expose the people that allegedly forced him into the gay act if they continue to pester him.

The paper reports that Monjeza alleges that he never had sex with his fellow man, Tiwonge.
But he is a friend of Dorothy. How confusing. As always, the comments on this story muddy the waters.

The Nation itself has more details:
Twenty-four-year old Dorothy Gulo on Monday confessed her love for Monjeza whom she described as “a real man capable of doing to women what other men ably do in bed.” She was explicit about the issue and said she had nothing to hide.

“I have tried him on two occasions and he proved to me he can live with a woman. I was impressed with him when my curiosity got the better of me and here I am. My only worry is what Chimbalanga would do if he found out,” said Gulo, who does nothing for a living.
“Does nothing for a living.” Nice work if you can get it. Or possibly she is speaking the Afrish version of Globish.

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