Monday, June 7, 2010

Beware your nana

Every Saturday, the Waikato Times has a round-up of reports from Fairfax’s local newspapers in the region. These snippets never make the website but often give little insights into life in New Zealand, or at least the culture of the town. This weekend’s paper had the following report from the North Waikato News:
North-Waikato residents are taking up the paint brush in a stand against mindless graffiti and tagging.

Huntly man Robin Thurston likes to walk his dogs Fred and Alfie around the neighbourhood in the morning.

As well as giving the pooches exercise, he uses these walks to scope out any unwanted tagging in the nearby streets, returning with paint and brush to remove the tagging before the culprits get out of bed. “I like to get up before the perpetrators do and clean up their night’s tagging so they get no satisfaction from it,” Mr Thurston said.

“I’ve noticed if you paint it out straight away they tend to give up straight away.

“A couple of times they have tried to jostle me but I have good dogs and of course I know all their grandmothers.”


Lea said...

I really don't know how open New Zealanders are to Asians, specially East Asians. They seem to always find them rather ill intent.

Stephen Stratford said...

Eh? Not a lot of East Asians, or any other sort of Asians, in Huntly last time I was there. Which was last week.

As Pauline Hanson would say, please explain.

Unless perhaps - doh! - you are spamming.

Anonymous said...

I think that must be Robin Thurston the wonderful, but little heard of these days - poet!

Jessica, Nelson