Monday, June 28, 2010

What I’m reading

Home Paddock has some Cactus Kate-style random impertinent questions about the sale of the Crafar farms, and reports on the resurrection of the Progressive Party. Spooky.

The Fundy Post comments on David Fane’s remark, “Would you roast an HIV person? You'd roast them because they're expendable. Like the Jews. Hitler had a right, you know.” David Farrar is cool with it because it was a roast. Fundy is not cool with it because it was not a roast: the whole point of a roast is that the subject of it is present and grinning at jokes made at his/her expense. I’m with Fundy. And maybe these remarks were taken out of context, but I really cannot imagine any context in which they would be OK. Ever.

“We either be allowed to drive or breastfeed foreigners.” Yet another tough choice for Saudi women.

Editing the Herald on its coverage of the ASB binning of Goldstein:
Anyway, I trust the same thing struck you as struck me when I looked at the picture above. the story about the ASB advertising campaign appears on the page right above... the ASB advertising campaign. Now that's what I call synergy
Ally will be in Dunedin next week for the national brass band contest. A trombonist friend of mine played in this years ago. It seemed to involve playing the instrument a lot, drinking a lot, and shagging a lot. We must all wish her the best of luck in her endeavours.


Phil said...

My guess is than Fane was pissed and thought he'd try some extremely, er black humour to get street cred with arseholes in the ad industry. Bad call David.

Not long ago, Brendan Lovegrove got away with a joke about the Kahui twins at a comedy gig no long ago and was never pulled up for it.

Stephen Stratford said...

Extremely bad call. Especially if, as one assumes, he was being paid to perform. The usual thing, I believe, is to write some amusing material, not wing it because you are awesome and everyone will laugh at whatever you say, come what may.