Thursday, June 23, 2011

Feeding children

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the more effort one puts into preparing dinner for one’s children, the more likely they are to say “Yuck.” And because I make every dinner for them from scratch, five nights a week, I am almost used to it.

Last night I txtd my wife who was in Oz, “Making elaborate dinner for [Seven] and [Nine]. Already cross at their rejection, due in 15 min.”
She thought I was joking. Like hell I was. And guess what. . .


BookieMonster said...

They loved it?
They hated it?
OMG the suspense!

Sp8y said...

But don't despair! Our culinary experimentation, on our almost matching offspring, seems to follow a pattern of yuck/poison, yuck/poison, yuck/poison, silent eating, vigorous enthusiasm.

And I repeat to myself: "if they make it to adulthood they will be interesting people, with the ability to argue their point, be charming in defeat, tackle anything and eat anything (at least once)"... as I pour another glass of wine. It seems unfortunate that they develop most of these attributes through direct conflict with their parents.

artandmylife said...

It's the same in our house, 5 nights a week.

Stephen Stratford said...

OK BookieMonster, to put you out of your misery: the dish was from Tana Ramsay's cookbook. I tasted it, and it was just as good as the Al Brown dish I made for myself a bit later.

Scorecard: Seven loved it, Nine hated it.

This is the pattern. Seven likes tomatoes, Nine doesn't. Nine likes olives, Seven doesn't. Nine likes pesto, Seven doesn't. Seven likes corn, Nine doesn't. Nine likes capsicum, Seven doesn't. On the other hand, they both hate mushrooms, so that's easy.

Raymond A Francis said...

The thing to remember with childeren is that their taste buds are often more sensitive than ours
As a child I disliked cheese (which was pretty bland) while now I can enjoy all cheese right, to the feral edge of rank goat
That's not to say childrens diet should be bland just that you have to keep introducing them to new taste sensations carefully and constantly

Anonymous said...

Why don't you include some recipes for scones on your blog too?
And a few hints on stubborn stains.

Phil said...

I can recall Mexican standoffs over silver beet as a 5-year-old.
You don't leave the table till it's finished! (Grey/green cooked-beyond death pile of cold vege sludge).

Keri H said...

My siblings, who have children (I do not), have always
introduced new, different, and exciting foods to their kids - age-appropriate, natch. Kid doesnt like it, kid doesnt eat it - no fuss. But kid doesnt get anything else (except what they can forage in the fridge.)
Results: I have many nephews & nieces (only 2 of those, alas) who have experienced palates by the time they end high school, and a readiness to try new foods at any time.

I have one rule in my own home: I will ascertain, child or adult, what you are allergic to, or truly detest. Then, I will cook for you according to my tastes, and what is available - and, if you dont eat that, you dont get anything else.

Damnty - I've converted more people to both vegetarian (I'm a semi-vego - eat dairy, eggs,fish & birds) cookery & titi than I really intended to. Especially the later...