Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What I’m reading

Honest, there will be more original Quote Unquote material soon, possibly Maurice Gee-related –  I’m just waiting on a friend. Specifically, a photographer who says she will send a high-quality usable image rather than me scanning as usual from the magazine. In the meantime:

As ever the best stuff about Christchurch is on Stuff, for example this, but Philip Mathews is essential viewing. Here is his latest.

Question: How many hours a day should a musician practice?
Answer: Heaps, but only if you’re doing it right.

Possibly the funniest Allypost ever. Seriously. Her mini-playlet about the New Zealand Battle Tractor is super-mega-uber-brilliant.

Danyl at Dim-Post is back to being satirical. Yay. I don’t have a kuri in this race (apart from siding with Ngaiterangi vs Ngapuhi because I am from Tauranga and let’s not pretend we don’t all have long memories) but Danyl nails what needs to be nailed.

David Lynch’s hair in art, the Hokusai especially.

A nice brief piece from Mick Hartley about the late great James Carr with a YouTube clip of “You Got My Mind Messed Up” – if you are at all interested in soul music, click on through. This is the real deal.

Paul Litterick is excited about some recent writing by buildings. I am not so sure. Beware what you wish for, etc. Here is Ry Cooder in 1974 with “If Walls Could Talk”. Thank god they can’t. The band is Jim Keltner on drums; Milt Holland on percussion; Russ Titelman on bass; Bobby King, Cliff Givens and Gene Mumford on vocals. Rhythm section heaven. Black-guy vocal section heaven. And, because this is Ry Cooder, guitar heaven  


Zirk van den Berg said...

Re. musicians practising: My friend's daughter asked her music teacher if she should practice every day. "Not necessarily," said the teacher. "Only on days you eat."

Paul said...

Thanks for the link. You need to fix the link to Philip's post.

Stephen Stratford said...

Thanks Paul - fixed now.