Thursday, June 2, 2011

More book news

Guy Somerset weighs in with his opinions on the 2011 NZ Post Book Awards here at the Listener. I am not going to comment on any of this, as it’s unseemly for previous judges to do so, but Guy certainly has a view. And, as always, what’s of interest is which books didn’t make the cut.

The judges explain themselves here. Whatever one thinks of their decisions, they have actually read every book entered, so they are in a better position than the rest of us to make a judgement.

The good book news recently was that Whitcoulls has a new owner that understands retail. But the best news was this: it has lured back Joan Mackenzie, its former chief book buyer, who defected to PaperPlus when Whitcoulls got silly. This tells us that the new owner is serious about quality.

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