Monday, June 13, 2011

What I’m reading

Paul Litterick at the Fundy Post on taniwhas, Queer the Night and “heterosexual and cissexist norms”. I have no idea what the latter are and can’t be bothered googling them but Paul’s account is very entertaining. Money par:
Anyway, as things turned out, everyone but the trolls had a good time at Queer the Night, while the iwi rushed in to assure everyone that the taniwha was a metaphor, thus saving the trolls the discomfort and contortions of attacking pakeha media for mocking indigenous beliefs which the trolls themselves could not possibly hold, whilst at the same time trying to remember where the macrons go. But tomorrow is another day, with new opportunities to be offended on Internet.
Ally Mullord has some more wieners of the week. Sad US congressman Anthony Weiner was a gift, wasn’t he, but she has found some more. Money par:
Escalator Huffers. This is my name for people who charge up escalators as though they’re climbing Mt Everest and, because it is often difficult to overtake on an escalator, reach the step behind you and stand there huffing angrily because you’re not plowing up the escalator like you’re a bison in heat and there is an attractive lady bison standing at the top fluttering her bison eyelashes at you.
A really nice story about Bob Dylan being really nice in 1969. I know, we are all Bobbed out with him turning 70 and all, but this is – how can I say? – really nice. Plus, if you click on the link you are stealing from Rupert Murdoch. So you will.

Laughy Kate transcribes a brief conversation overheard in her office. NSFW. Money line is #4 but I couldn’t possibly quote it here.

Tim Worstall on the bollocks that is talked about the economic damage caused by internet piracy. The post is brief but the comments are substantial. Money par:
Do not, ever, believe the numbers you are given for the costs of copyright breaches. They’re all, sadly, lies.

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