Monday, April 23, 2012

By George

Today is Shakespeare’s birthday (and deathday). It is also St George’s Day.

So here is Sam Brown (who was born in Stratford, as it happens) with a joyous performance of George Harrison’s last song, “Horse to the Water”, which he recorded in October 2001, shortly before he died. The clip comes from the DVD Concert for George. Also contains Eric Clapton and Albert Lee on guitar, Katie Kissoon (left) and Tessa Niles (right) on stellar backing vocals, Jools Holland and Chris Stainton on piano, Andy Fairweather Low on guitar and stellar backing vocals, and a bunch of others performing Harrisongs at a memorial concert in the Albert Hall. Not shown (they appear later) are Tom Petty, Monty Python, Ringo Starr on drums and Paul McCartney on ukulele. It was quite a send-off.

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