Monday, April 23, 2012

Young sophisticates

A couple of months ago our friend Jenny came to stay for the weekend bearing pomelos. It’s a Chinese New Year thing. She made a wonderful salad with them for the Saturday lunch.

I took Eight with me to the supermarket the other day. She spotted pomelos and insisted I buy one. Tonight she and Ten requested, i.e. demanded, pomelo salad for the Monday dinner.

I couldn’t remember what Jenny had done but improvised with some Drunken Woman lettuce from the garden; peanuts I dry-roasted in the wok; coconut threads; dried shrimp; a mix of fish sauce, lime juice (from the garden) and palm sugar (not the good stuff – that is reserved for the parents) and a little chilli. They loved it and want it again tomorrow.
We moved from Auckland to the country so the children would not grow up too fast and become too sophisticated. Fat chance. Thanks, Jenny.


Simon Burt said...

You have pomelos at the supermarket in Cambridge? Time to move further away from Auckland ...

Stephen Stratford said...

Next stop: Te Awamutu.