Sunday, April 1, 2012

Long spots, short stripes

Art investment advice from Felix Salmon, via Marginal Revolution. Money quote:
Recently Cady Noland had a piece at auction. It went for $US6.6 million. It had seven spots on it. We’re approaching that psychologically important one-million-dollars-per-spot level.
 I can’t find any Spots to go long on but here are the White Stripes with “Black Jack Davy”:

Eclectic as the Stripes were, that is probably the only song they have in common with the Incredible String Band. Below is a late version from the ISB in 2003 which is no match for the one on their 1970 album I Looked Up, but on YouTube we take what we get and are grateful. The song itself is very old, a Border ballad probably from the early 18th century, and every version is different, which is what you get with real folk music. I can’t quickly find a good source of info online that isn’t Wikipedia but apparently Nick Tosches is very sound in his Country: The Twisted Roots of Rock ’n’ Roll.

Monitor: Penny Wise 

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