Saturday, September 21, 2013

An innocent abroad

A friend who shall remain nameless – you might have seen her in blue Lycra as a Ninja on Campbell Live the other night, looking quite hot for a chick her age – is tonight in Las Vegas. Why? To meet the magician David Copperfield, she says, bafflingly.

Any excuse for an Emmylou Harris clip. So here she is in 1977 performing “Ooh, Las Vegas” with the Hot Band,  Albert Lee on lead guitar and Rodney Crowell on harmony vocals. Sample lyrics:
Well, the first time I lose I drink whisky
Second time I lose I drink gin
Third time I lose I drink anything
’cause I think I'm gonna win [. . .]
Every time I hit your crystal city you know
You’re gonna make a wreck outta me.
I worry about my friend.

1 comment:

Ray said...

No need to worry, despite the evidence contrary (membership of the Act Party) she is not an innocent abroad