Monday, September 30, 2013

Which sweater?

 I know it’s summer – time to break out my Te Vaka, Richard Thompson and King Crimson T-shirts and frighten the neighbourhood – but I can’t resist these (via @ashleigh_young). Which sweater should I choose? The burger?

The fries?
Or Tutankhamen? 

Nah, maybe the Tutankhamen is a bit, I don’t know, over the top.

I have had advice from a bunch of chicks on Facebook:

Helen Heath says “Burger all the way. Only a side kick would wear the fries.” So true.

 Morrin Rout says, “I'm with the burger.”

Elizabeth Knox says “Burger, definitely. ”

From the guys, Buddy Mikaere says, “You wouldn’t want to spill tomato sauce on that one.”

Tim Upperton orders up a sandwich-related poem by Paul Violi that is heavy on the tomato and mayo.

So I’m thinking the burger. Until my wife decides for me.

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