Monday, September 9, 2013

Waikato Times letters of the week

I have been in Rarotonga for a week and then, less thrillingly, Auckland for a few days so normal service has been disupted. Hence this double-decker digipak to make up for the recent lack of loonies. First, here is one from the 26 August issue of the Waikato Times:
Why the Earth quakes
Thinking back to the atomic bomb development era of the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and all the ocean and river changes that have taken place.
From atomic explosions developments above ground and below ground and to creating large dams and changing river patterns, no wonder the earth quakes now and again in resentment to being treated to all the drastic changes without any form of reaction to these measures.
All the world changes are starting to come home.
Instead of passing laws and statutes after the horse has bolted, for example taxes on carbon and greenhouse emissions, clear thinking might have been better if somebody had spoken up that the planet’s axis is a reality and that mighty atomic explosions shook the world and that just might have an equally devastating reaction that just might have caused carbon greenhouse emissions…
Atomic bombs versus carbon emissions seems almost a predictable planet response.
The horse has bolted, it’s a bit late to close the stable door, and pass laws and statutes such as carbon taxes.
Justifying climate change isn’t the answer.
What is needed is a major scientific re-investigation (Cern and/or Nasa) now on whether there is an answer to the effect of planet Earth’s axis, so as to adjust itself in future times – if possible in the future? (Abridged)
And here is one from the 29 August issue:
Justice threatened
Yesterday will soon be forgotten but its effects will probably change our citizens forever.
Yesterday I could criticise, say what was on my mind, act and react to situations and events. I could even call the ref or PM an idiot with no thoughts that someone may be listening, someone who doesn’t like what I do or how I behave? No worries!
But now I need to be very careful or I will soon be disappeared as a perceived serious threat to the nation.
Don’t cry for me Argentina.
Lawyers and justice will be as psychoactive substance test animals! Used, abused, discarded with the language tortured to fit the fascist Nazi SS clone the GCSB will morph into!
As always, spelling, punctuation and grammar are exactly as printed in the Waikato Times.


Anonymous said...

Don't cry for me Ngaruawahia
the truth is: I need to be very careful
Yesterday, could say what was on my mind
Today, forgotten already
My own existence.

E Thribb (36)

Stephen Stratford said...

Heh. On Friday I will be interviewed by a young journalist about these WaikTimes letters I blog, and why. What strikes me is this: what letters do they not publish? How mad are the ones that are binned? One assumes that what is published is the sensible stuff. Also, I love the addendum "Abridged". What was cut out from these letters as too crazy even for the WaikTimes? And I can honestly say, I am spoiled for choice - I don't post all the nutty ones, just a selection. I don't see the Herald, ODT, Press or DomPost very often but don't recall any of them ever publishing such a consistent selection of nuttiness. Not even the BOP Times.