Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gavin Ewart on Seamus Heaney

A two-line poem by Gavin Ewart, one of my favourite poets, on another of my favourite poets, dead just now, shockingly early, at 74:
He’s very popular among his mates.
I think I’m Auden. He thinks he’s Yeats.
So here are The Band with “Too Soon Gone”, Rick Danko on heartbreaking vocals:


Stephanie said...

OMG, I have to read a NZ blog to find out Seamus Heaney has died. Australia is a cultural wilderness. And it has been proved.

Sorry to hear of the news. All the art is completed now. Sad.

Stephen Stratford said...

Isn't it awful to find out late. Bad enough with people one knows, but even with strangers one admires. And 74 doesn't seem so old these days.