Friday, October 21, 2011

One night in Bangkok

Tomorrow I fly to Bangkok for a night and a day. Brilliant timing, as ever.

I was so looking forward to lunch and dinner there. Perhaps the devastating floods will divert us to Kuala Lumpur, which would be fine as I love Malaysian food almost as much as I love Thai, but with my luck it will be Seoul.

Then it’s on to Zurich and Slovenia for four days of meetings and speeches, and loads of hearty dishes of meat, cabbage, and potatoes. Ljubljana, the capital city, has a population of 270,000 which is somewhere between Hamilton and Wellington, and it has three orchestras. A river runs through it, and  66 bridges cross the river. Here in Cambridge we have two bridges and no orchestra. Hamilton has six bridges and no orchestra.

The one bright spot is that there is a late-night place in Ljubjlana that sells horse burgers. I have eaten crocodile and kangaroo – I have even cooked kangaroo – but I have never eaten horse. Not yet, anyway.

So, no blogging for a week. Until then, here is something for the weekend from the Divine Comedy:

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