Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I’m reading: The Look of Love edition

Further to this post on the Boston Herald’s treatment of Occupy Boston, which took it every bit as seriously as it deserved, here is the New York Times on Occupy Wall Street: James C. McKinley Jr critiques the soundtrack. Everyone’s a critic.

As is economist Matt Nolan, who rips into the Occupy movement here. Money quote:
These people aren’t interested in the poor, they are interested in themselves – either that or they haven’t thought about the issue, which is pretty slack when you are going to go out and protest about it.
If we want to help the real poor we need to open borders, and make a concerted effort to help increase capital and opportunities in foreign countries – rather than just focusing on ourselves.
When I here people complain that they are the “99%” do they realise that only the top 1% of people in India have a living standard greater than the bottom decile of people in the US?  Do they even care about the sheer number of people born without any opportunity to live the sort of privileged life we get.
Seriously, when I hear the complaints from these people, this is what I hear in my head:
“We want cheaper coffees and iPhones for ourselves, and people with lots of money should buy them for us.”
Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee’s husband David Walker knows how to lunch:
If there are any trends to be detected in his claims for the year, it is that the further to the Left the guest was, the better the hospitality tended to be.
 A couple of journalism jokes from FaceBook’s group for Kiwi Journalists Association (no apostrophe, which is Jim Tuckers fault, but even so it’s still worth joining for anyone who is or was in the media):
First they came for the apostrophes, and I said nothing.
Then they came for the other punctuation marks and I still said nothing.
Then they came 4 all the decent grammar & speling & i roflmao lol
and this quoted from Overheard in the Newsroom:
Young editor: “Oh, my god, I just got a letter to the editor that employed semicolons. I’m so HAPPY.”
Veteran reporter: “That has no place in journalism.”
Editor: “Happiness or semicolons?”
An optometrist tells us how to deliver a come-hither glance. It’s the look of love, and this is Dusty Springfield giving a masterclass:

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