Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Peggy Lee, Frank Zappa and Joni Mitchell
Yes, an unusual combination. Sadly, it never happened but jazz is like New Zealand – there are only ever two degrees of separation between people, and often only one. 

Here is the great Peggy Lee – was there ever a better white jazz singer? – with her version of “Fever”, first recorded by Little Willie John who killed a man in 1964 and died in jail in 1968.

I love this version because it’s her, but also because the bass player is Max Bennett who played on every track on Frank Zappa’s Hot Rats except “Peaches en Regalia”. I made a ringtone from that album’s “Willie the Pimp” so when my mobile rings, it’s Max Bennett calling.

The drummer on half that album was John Guerin who went on to live with Joni Mitchell. Did I mention that jazz is like New Zealand in its degrees of separation? 

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