Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stuff up

Chris Schulz, entertainment editor of Stuff, is a fan of Outrageous Fortune but has one complaint about the show:
It’s the theme music. If I have to hear Hello Sailor’s Gutter Black one more fracking time, I swear I’m going to track down Graham Brazier, tie him to a chair, put him in a windowless room with a box of muffins just out of reach and make him listen to his damn song repeatedly for six days straight while the smell of freshly baked walnut, carrot and honey yumyums washes over his face. Let’s see how he likes it then.
Except it’s not Graham Brazier’s song. It was written by Dave McArtney and it’s Dave singing. Graham just plays the sax on it.

Can’t Stuff afford staff who know stuff?


Unknown said...

I think they should have had a character called Euan McBrain and another called Euan McHeart. 'Cos that's what it sounds like he's singing about.

Stephen Stratford said...

Very good. And "Lyon in the gutter" can only be Harry Lyon, the other guitarist in the band, while "Baba O'Riley, she come into my house" is a clear reference to the Pete Townshend song.