Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blog comment of the day

Hats off, everyone everywhere, to Andrew Geddis, responding to the Dim-Post quoting from Tau Henare’s Twitter feed (yes I checked, it’s what I do, and the Henare quotes are genuine):
OMG! nathan guy looks so like bieber OMG! OMG!
Now you so want to read the source material which Geddis parodies. It is here, in all its awesomeness.

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bk drinkwater said...

It used to be that the first thing I do on coming home at the end of the day was check my email. In recent weeks, I check that Twitter feed. I concur: it is awesome.

Also: "HipkinsC" is a genius insult. Making names sound like diseases is a hobby of mine*, but I hadn't thought of that one.

*all-time favourite: Victoria University, with Victoria pronounced more like Victorrhoeia.