Thursday, October 14, 2010

Media Bites: the APN version

The Herald announces:
APN News & Media, the Australia-based parent company of, the New Zealand Herald and the Herald on Sunday, has appointed a new chief executive officer. Mr Brett Chenoweth, 41, replaces Brendan Hopkins who retires at the end of this year.
According to an APN press release [this, remember, is from an APN website], Mr Chenoweth has had “a distinguished, varied and successful career with a proven track record in media, communications and technology. The appointment will serve to drive APN's expansion of its multi-media and integrated audiences in both existing and new markets.” 
 Mr Chenoweth is currently Managing Director and Head of Asia-Pacific for The Silverfern Group, a New York-based specialist merchant bank.
That last sentence is the one that chills. That last clause, really: “a New York-based specialist merchant bank”. Just the person to put in charge of not only the Herald and all APN’s regional newspapers but also its magazines, the biggest two being the Woman’s Weekly and the Listener.

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