Thursday, October 7, 2010


Chad Taylor has communication issues.

Paul at Fundy Post has furniture issues here and here.

Danyl at Dim-Post has idiocy issues as always, but this and this in particular.

Matt Nolan has film-industry issues.

Jonathan Franzen just has issues. I spent some time with him a few years ago as his chauffeur for a day and liked him a lot, but boy does he have issues. The latest is that his new novel Freedom has been pulped – well, some copies of it that had minor errors. Only 80,000 copies, which is about five times more than my biggest-selling book sold, and this is a tiny part of the total print run. And then in London some idiot kidnapped his spectacles. Ho ho,what a jolly jape  but I think that Jonathan is like me and basically blind without his spectacles so for him it wouldn’t have been very ho ho all. The adulatory reviews may be some compensation. Too many and too boring to link to, but they are calling it a masterpiece, even (Philip Hensher in the Spectator) a Great American Novel.

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