Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What I’m reading

Karl du Fresne in the Australian edition of the Spectator has a vigorous go at TVNZ in the wake of the Paul Henry hoo-hah and, oh, all of it. His advice? Sell!

This is an obituary for stained-glass artist Michael Lassen who died from a fall in Durham cathedral while repairing a high window. No I hadn’t heard of him either, but it is a beautifully written piece that places him in a line of direct descent from the medieval craftsmen who built Europe’s great cathedrals. 
Brian Turner is interviewed by Unity Books here.

Joe Hildebrand laments the passing of the ham and cheese sandwich:
Congratulations Australia, you have managed to kill off a sandwich with its own Wikipedia entry. [. . .] This is an outrage that in any civilised country would be a national crisis. And yet no one has the courage to speak out about it. Not even Bono.

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