Sunday, November 14, 2010

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Chad Taylor has lead in his pencil and he  likes The Social Network:
If TV, as someone once said, is about people walking in and out of rooms, the internet is about them being locked inside.
Matt Nolan says precisely what I thought vaguely about the Herald’s article on Great Chocolate Shortage, that it was bollocks because it ignored how farmers respond to price signals: 
Also note that these poorer farmers in Africa are getting higher incomes now – as the price of what they produce compared to, say washing machines, is higher … so they can buy more washing machines.  Why is this article begrudging them that?
Tim Worstall proposes a convincing-sounding derivation of the word “posh”. It is possibly from Farsi, he suggests, which was the language of the Mughal court. Warning: may contain cross-dressing.

Danyl Mclauchlan aka the Dim-Post has given up:
In our current situation we have a government that knows much about theatre and politics and almost nothing about government and an opposition that probably knows much about government, but in vain because they know nothing about politics or theatre.
Anyway, I’ve reached the point where it’s all too banal even to laugh at so I’m taking a break from blogging for an indeterminate period.
In the comments – really warm, generous tributes from his fans – Russell Brown™ says:
Not concerned. You will torment your friends and family with your opinions so terribly that they will demand that you start blogging again. Just you see if I’m not right.
That may tell us something about the Brown household, but I do hope Russell is right. The Dim-Post has been a must-read.

Paul Litterick at the Fundy Post despairs of England. And, I regret to report, he has a crack at Stephen Fry.

Speaking of Stephen Fry, here he is with Clive Anderson in 1991 complaining about the “sheer vulgarity” of the Conservatives, their bad taste. Just look at what he is wearing:

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