Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sentence of the day

Paul Litterick at Fundy Post has blogged his entire paper “At last happy, normal buildings: the invention of Art Deco and the reinvention of Napier”, which he delivered yesterday at  the art history department of Auckland University’s inaugural Art History Postgraduate Conference:
Someone at the conference asked me what I was doing with my thesis, to which I replied: “making enemies.”
The paper is really good, the most entertaining architecture writing I have read for a very long time and well worth reading if you have even a passing interest in Napier and its distinctive building style. The whole thing is a gleeful assault on the idea of Napier as an Art Deco city – it didn’t become one, he argues, until the 1980s. Paul gives due credit to Peter Shaw’s writing on the subject, is very sound on typefaces and he delivers a zinger of a last sentence.

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