Saturday, November 6, 2010

How very Stieg Larsson

Nature imitates art, etc. The private life of the King of Sweden is no longer so private:
In a new biography of the King — who is our own Queen Elizabeth’s third cousin — he emerges as an habituee of wild sex parties involving strippers, sometimes hosted by an infamous Mafia boss in a Stockholm club.
Perhaps most damaging of all is the allegation that, over many years, he has been protected by the Swedish secret service, Sapo, hoovering up embarrassing material in his wake and pressuring women to hand over compromising pictures.
As the book, The Reluctant Monarch, sold out its entire 20,000 initial print in Swedish bookshops yesterday, this normally unshockable country was shaken by the startling details amassed by its three ­investigative authors about the secret life their King has apparently been leading.
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