Friday, November 12, 2010

More Stephen Fry on himself

In the aftermath of the fuss about his reported comment (obviously a misquote) about women not enjoying sex, Stephen Fry explains himself on his blog. At length. On and on he goes, on and on – it’s a classic case of onandonism – about how being misrepresented is the price a megastar pays for being famous and much-loved, and how he doesn’t enjoy the attention at all. After four pages declaring his modesty he ends with this:
No one can say my life isn’t unpredictable, interesting and...  well, Fryish…
Not even Paul Holmes has invented a word to describe himself.

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2 comments: said...

Let's face it, we're all twits on twitter and blogs are the perfect platform for immodesty, but there's no other Stephen (Peter's Friends) and who but he would quip so quickly "Will you name the baby after me" on the you-tube clip of the shagging of the BBC Camera man...(how many hits?) Of course he's flawed, everybody famous is, eventually.

Stephen Stratford said...

Thanks Maggie, I hadn't heard that one. He may come across as insufferably smug but there's no denying the sharpness of his mind or the quickness of his wit.