Monday, November 29, 2010

While I was out

 I have been in Dubai, living in luxury – did I mention that yet? That’s me above right on the MV Moonlight, last Sunday (photo courtesy of Robert Lowe). Strange to relate, in my absence New Zealand blogging continued:

Ally at Today is My Birthday! had a justified crack at Gary McCormick and his pet doggerel.

Chad Taylor paid due tribute to the late Ingrid Pitt.

Stephen Franks made some observations on the Marine and Coastal Area Bill.

Mary McCallum had this to say about Bill Manhire.

Laughy Kate, who works in TV and knows a bit about it, got cranky about TV’s reporting of the Pike River mine disaster. . .

and Home Paddock who knows a bit about grieving had this to say.

Danyl at Dim-Post got hot and bothered about the latest Wikileaks. . .

while Paul at Fundy Post had seen it all before.


Stephanovic said...

Is that huddled figure on the right of the picture you? You don't seem to be enjoying yourself. Shouldn't you up dancing The Quango while drinking champagne, or whatever one does on luxury vessels on The Gulf?

Stephen Stratford said...

Well spotted, Stephanovic, that tired, poor, huddled mass to the right is indeed me. I was indeed enjoying myself though in this photo I seem to be anxiously looking for the next glass of champagne to appear.

Anonymous said...

That would be MY Moonlight, I am sure, not MV.
Yours Truly, A. Pedant.

Stephen Stratford said...

I thought it must have been MV, as in Motor Vessel, as opposed to MY, as in a yacht. But I have not a clue about boats. I'll ask my new best friends Bob, Shayne and Robert, who were on the MV/MY with me and report back.