Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Going up north for a while so no blogging for a week. In the meantime here are some links that I never got around to posting in the run-up to Christmas. Hey, sometimes leftovers are just what you feel like, especially this time of year. In no particular order:

The top 14 astronomy photos of 2010.

The hazards of Wikileaks: I sent this to David Farrar at Kiwiblog because he does politics and I don’t and he has a few more readers. Just look at the discussion that resulted – 102 comments last time I looked.

Bryan Caplan on hypersensitivity, via Eric Crampton

A free download from Buddhist Rain, the excellent new CD by Norman Meehan and Bill Manhire (more on this in a week or so).

Savvy Phil Parker checks out the new sauvignons.

Kevin Rudd on Twitter. OMG, frankly. Here is a sample:
Visited the Qalandia Girls School in the Palestinian territories. Told the students that ‘girls can do anything’ KRudd 7:14 AM Dec 14th
Just spoke on peace process at the King David Hotel. Big obstacles. Big possibilities. KRudd 3:15 PM Dec 13th
Spent today talking with Israeli leaders on the stalled Middle East peace process. KRudd 3:13 PM Dec 13th
Haven’t the Palestinians and Israelis suffered enough?

The Independent on Sunday’s “index of the year's insufferably self-satisfied”. The top four in order are 1. Bonused-up, blackmailing bankers: Parasites; 2. Julian Assange: Leaker and condom-phobe; 3. Ricky Gervais: Comedian; and 4. Jeremy Clarkson: Loud-mouth. I got this via Facebook from Toby Young who was ranked 26th (“Narcissist”). He says, “ Bit insulting. I was aiming for a top 10 finish.”

And finally here is Blerta with “Dance All Around the World” for all expat New Zealanders who may enjoy the song and the accompanying images of summer all around New Zealand.


Chad Taylor said...

Is there rain in it? Because I miss that.

Eva said...

Who is that lovely singer? [Buddhist Rain download]

Fergus said...

@Eva Hannah Griffin, and yes she is isn't she!

Phil said...

Come on Stratters - I know you're back. Let's 'ave a bit more of the bloggin' then.