Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Today is Australia Day

But to more important things. For example:

If I could be in Auckland on 30 January, I would be at the Bamboo reunion. They were a great band, and I bet they still are. Best drummer I ever worked with. The guitarists are pretty good too.

I want this, and I want it now.

The 25 commandments for journalists from Tim Radford, former Guardian science editor, letters editor, arts editor and literary editor. Bloggers could learn from this too. Best bit: the correction of his misspelling of Dashiel Hammett’s name in the first version. Even Homer nods. Good comments too.

Tim Worstall explains why food speculators are a force for good. No, really. Adam Smith understood this 235 years ago so why can’t we? 

The pic above is from Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising. Lots more like it there, all good.

Speaking of branding, Chad Taylor has issues. When does a muse not amuse?

The Swingers sprung! Rifftastic! Chris Bourke presents the Pretty Things’ 1966 “Come See Me” and the Swingers’ 1981 “Counting the Beat”. Try to slip a thin sheet of paper between them. I suppose Phil Judd would call his song an hommage. Have to admit that the Swingers’ video is much better, though. It’s that Elam training.

And just because she was wonderful, here is Dorothy Dandridge singing “Cow Cow Boogie” in the Abbott and Costello movie Ride ’em Cowboy. More about her not so wonderful life here.

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