Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Young love on the West Coast

A friend from Westland writes:
We have had really nice balmy clear days here now that I’m back at work. But boy, we had some crazy rain over Christmas, even by Westland standards. The river was a soup of sheep, deer, cattle and silage bales – a friend counted 85 boiling past in 20 minutes.
Our last exchange student, our niece from Denmark, had been staying with us since July. We were in her room one day and I noticed that the recently painted window sill showed signs of wear. Sure enough, whilst mowing the lawn, I found scuff marks on the outer wall. I couldn’t help myself and went and got some fishing line and set up a (very parochial) trap with a large empty coal bucket balanced on a steel hearth shovel balanced on a gold pan.
The young chap who had been tapping on her window is probably still running.

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