Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Split Enz go commercial

In 1974 Split Enz recorded the music for a 60-second TV ad for Suzuki motorbikes: “Get it together and let Suzuki blow your mind.” Not embedded because I can’t, but it is worth a look – a listen, really – here.

The NZ Film Archive is in two minds about the writing credits, first listing:
Music: Tim Finn, Phil Judd
Performed by Split Enz
and then:
This TVC is particularly significant as the song was written [by] Lindsay Marks and performed by Split Enz.
Possibly both are true: it could well be lyrics by Lindsay (who used to flat with the band’s then drummer, Geoff Chunn) and performance by Split Enz. It’s definitely them performing and the lyrics do sound like Lindsay’s. Next time I have dinner with him in Ngunguru – which won’t be until next January at the earliest – I’ll ask him. I bet he will deny all knowledge of it.

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